Ransomware Recovery

Client Profile

Client Type - Mid-market

Region - AMER

Industry - Financial

Number of employees - 150

Business Challenge

  • Potential loss of critical data, leading to operational disruptions and potential reputational damage.
  • Financial implications, such as paying ransom demands and recovery efforts.

  • Risk of regulatory non-compliance and legal consequences.
  • Restoring customer trust and confidence in the aftermath of a ransomware attack.

Services Outcome

  • Expediated recovery process, reduced downtime, and minimized ransomware impact on business.

  • Strengthen cybersecurity measures, and implemented preventive strategies to mitigate future risks.

  • Restored the confidence of business stakeholders and rebuilt customer trust.

  • Restored data, systems, and services critical to business operations.


TDI Vertical was engaged by a local financial firm (“Client”) to assist with ransomware recovery efforts. Due to the ransomware attack, Client experienced a data breach and disruption of its services and business operations.

Contain and Isolate

A vital step in the recovery efforts was to contain and isolate the ransomware. This process involved disconnecting infected systems from networks, disabling communication channels, and deploying security measures to prevent further spread of ransomware. By containing and isolating ransomware, our cyber-security team was able to limit damage and protect unaffected systems from potential infiltration.

  • Disconnect and isolate compromised and infected systems from the network to prevent the ransomware from spreading further.
  • Disable compromised user accounts to prevent unauthorized access and limit the attacker's ability to move laterally within the network.
  • Shut down servers and desktop machines to halt the encryption process and mitigate further damage.
  • Performed analysis to identify the type of ransomware used and determined the appropriate recovery strategy.  

Assess Data Loss and Bussines Ipact

The second step in the ransomware recovery process was to assist the Client in determining data loss and the overall impact of ransomware on business.

This involved identifying which files and systems have been encrypted, whether any data has been permanently lost, and what systems and data are critical to business operations so recovery efforts can be prioritized.

Notify Bussiness Stakeholders

Our ransomware recovery team assisted Client during internal communication and provided support during notification of relevant business stakeholders regarding the data breach and its impact on business.

Another essential step in the recovery process was to engage the Client's cyber insurance provider to assess coverage and for the Client to receive guidance, support, and financial support for recovery efforts.

TDI Vertical worked with the Client and assisted the cyber insurance provider in collecting forensic data and information related to the incident.

Data and System Recovery

Data and system recovery was paramount during ransomware recovery efforts.  TDI Vertical assisted with data and system recovery including rebuilding compromised systems and conducting thorough system checks to ensure all systems are safe and functional prior to releasing them for production use.

  • Determined the priority of data recovery based on its importance to business operations.
  • Checked the integrity and availability of data backups to ensure that backups were recent, securely stored, and not compromised by ransomware. Validated backup copies to ensure they can be used for recovery.
  • Restored the backup data and systems to clean and isolated environments to prevent reinfection. Followed established backup recovery procedures to ensure a smooth and accurate restoration.
  • Validated data integrity after restoration to ensure that it has been accurately recovered and is free from corruption. Performed checks and tests to confirm the completeness and usability of the restored data.
  • Ensured recovered systems were up to date with the latest security patches and updates to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by ransomware or other threats.

Strengthen Security Measures

As a final step during recovery efforts, TDI Vertical performed a holistic review and assessment of the current network and security architecture and assisted Client with tunning and optimization of firewalls, network, and systems and implementation of enhanced security measures to prevent future exposure to security threats and ransomware attacks.

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