Zero Day Assessment

Client Profile

Client Type - Mid-market

Region - AMER

Industry - Healthcare

Number of employees - 400

Business Challenge

  • Inadequate readiness to respond to zero-day vulnerabilities risking potential damage to an organization's reputation and customer trust.

  • Risk of financial loss associated with potential zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • Risk of a data breach, system compromise, and business disruptions.


A healthcare provider engaged TDI Vertical to assess its cyber security policy and overall business readiness to respond to potential zero-day vulnerabilities, including ransomware.

The goal of the Zero Day assessment was to perform a thorough review and analysis of the current security measures and, when applicable, provide recommendations for improvements and optimization of security tools, systems, and existing cyber security policy.

Discover / Assess / Report

  • Incident Response Plan: Reviewed and assessed the Client’s incident response plan for responding to zero-day vulnerabilities validating its outline, roles and responsibilities, communication channels, and steps to mitigate and recover in case of a zero-day vulnerability.
  • Cyber Security Insurance: Reviewed Client’s cybersecurity insurance to ensure financial protection to cover the costs associated with incident response, forensic investigations, legal fees, regulatory fines, customer notifications, and potential lawsuits.
  • Patch Management: Reviewed and assessed the internal patch management process to ensure security updates and patches can be applied as soon as they become available from vendors. This is a vital step in mitigating the risk of zero-day vulnerabilities that have known patches.
  • Network and Infrastructure Assessment: Assess security controls and configurations of network devices, firewalls, routers, and other infrastructure components to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Backup and Recovery: Reviewed backup and recovery procedures to ensure critical systems and data can be restored in the event of a zero-day attack. Performed backup and restore operation of selected systems to validate effectiveness and reliability.
  • Zero Day Simulation: Executed Zero Day exercise, to test Client’s readiness and response capabilities in the face of a zero-day vulnerability or exploit.
  • Report: Developed a zero-day assessment report providing Client with a comprehensive overview of the findings, risk rating, and recommendations identified during a zero-day assessment.  


Conducting zero-day assessment enabled Client to enhance its overall security readiness allowing it to evaluate existing security measures, identify any gaps or weaknesses, and implement necessary improvements to strengthen defenses against emerging security threats. Zero-Day assessment also ensured business readiness to effectively respond to zero-day security threats, including ransomware, minimizing the impact on operations and data while recovering from such incidents.

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