Client Profile

Client Type - Mid-market

Region - AMER

Industry - Financial

Number of employees - 800

Business Challenge

  • Significant time for turn-up and activation of net new branch locations.
  • Lack of visibility.
  • Lack of unified configuration.
  • Complex WAN architecture
  • Advanced engineering skill set for day-to-day management and support.

Solution Outcome

  • Highly secure SD-WAN powered by VMware.
  • Complete visibility into protocols and applications traversing the network.
  • Templatized and standardized device configuration and deployment of new sites.
  • Easy to navigate management interface.


TDI Vertical was engaged by a financial firm (Client) to design and implement SD-WAN architecture to support network connectivity between their HQ, branch locations, and two data centers.

The goal of SD-WAN was for the Client to minimize the time it takes to turn up a branch site, provide much-needed visibility into applications traversing the network, minimize the potential for user error by templatizing device configuration and allow management of the SD-WAN fabric using a non-text-based interface.

Implementation of SD-WAN was performed based on a multi-phase approach allowing TDI Vertical and the Client to safely phase out old WAN infrastructure while shifting traffic between the branches and data centers to a highly redundant, scalable and. Secure SD-WAN fabric.

Discover / Envision

To better understand the existing state of the wide-area network (WAN), TDI Vertical performed discovery and in-depth analysis of current topology and device configurations.

Collected information highlighted the need for a unified management plane and uncovered misconfigurations that could lead to downtime and potential loss of data.

Additionally, collaborative design sessions were held that allowed TDI Vertical to align SD-WAN technology, focusing on high availability, scalability, and security.

Solution Design

TDI Vertical developed an SD-WAN design and a migration plan to connect branch office locations and data centers with alignment to QoS and security requirements. 


  • High-level SD-WAN data center routing and security design.
  • Low-level SD-WAN data center routing and security design.
  • High-level branch office SD-WAN Implementation framework.
  • Low-level branch office SD-WAN Implementation framework.
  • Post-implementation validation and support framework.

Deliver / Deploy

The SD-WAN solution was implemented based on the design and a migration plan established during solution design.

SD-WAN services between the branch office and the data center environments allowed the Client to achieve a highly secure, distributed wide-area network with improved network availability and full hardware redundancy.

Pre-built templates and unified management provided the Client with tools to quickly turn up new branch locations while assuring error-free configuration.

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