Wireless Infrastructure

Client Profile

Client Type - Mid-market

Region - AMER

Industry - Retail

Number of employees - 2300

Business Challenge

  • Lack of optimal coverage throughout the warehouse and retail space.
  • Interference of wireless signals due to incorrect channel allocation and power assignment to access points.
  • Risk of exposure to security threats due to outdated wireless design.

Solution Outcome

  • Wireless network architecture powered by Cisco Catalyst 9800 series wireless controllers and 9100 series wireless access points.
  • Scalable and reliable architecture providing Client with optimal wireless coverage throughout the warehouse and retail space.
  • Improved security, visibility, and management of wireless.


TDI Vertical was engaged by a nationwide retailer (Client) to assist with a redesign and modernization of enterprise-wide wireless network services.

Due to unstable wireless infrastructure, Client faced repetitive wireless network outages affecting production and leading to significant loss of business.

Modernization of wireless services was performed based on a multi-phase strategy allowing TDI Vertical and Client to understand current wireless architecture and recommend and implement wireless solution essential to support the business and day-to-day operations.

Discover / Envision

TDI Vertical executed a comprehensive evaluation of all wireless services to identify all challenges with the current architecture and their impact on business operations.

Collaborative technical workshops between TDI Vertical and the Client were held to discuss current architecture, existing challenges, and business requirements for enterprise-wide modernization of wireless services.

Information collected by TDI Vertical was effectively used to align and recommend a wireless solution to support current business needs with the ability to scale and future growth.

Solution Design

TDI Vertical developed a modernization project scope providing IT leaders and business stakeholders with information to plan and effectively execute enterprise-wide modernization of wireless network services.


  • Comprehensive wireless site survey.
  • Survey report with heat maps, access point placement, and mounting locations.
  • Per-site hardware design (Bill of Material, “BoM”).
  • High-level wireless network design.​
  • Low-level wireless network design.​
  • Implementation scope.​
  • Post-implementation wireless survey to validate coverage and performance of services.

Deliver / Deploy

Modernization of wireless services was performed based on a predefined framework completed during phase 2 activities, allowing TDI Vertical to streamline implementation efforts, minimizing downtime and impact on production and day-to-day operations.

With business and technology-focused project management, TDI Vertical performed the redesign and implementation of wireless services on time and within the Client’s budget.

Modernization of wireless services allowed Client to achieve modern and secure wireless architecture, ensuring optimal design, performance, and reliability of all wireless business-critical services.

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